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You can enjoy all features of the visual for free as developer but some premium features will be available for viewers in premium plan only.

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Licenses: 100 Users

Total Cost: £ 200

Frequently asked questions

What is the PureViz Infographic?

PureViz Infographic is a custom visual developed for Power BI and brings new visual possibilities including using PowerPoint for visual design and applying cool animations.

What is the fundamental difference between the free version and paid Premium plan?

You can use all formatting and transformation features with the free version except animations and other premium features. You can try all premium features in edit mode without any license, but these features will suppress in view mode if there is no license.

How does licensing model works in the paid plan?

Licenses are sold per viewer user or per tenant (unlimited users) options. After a successful "purchase", you will obtain a license key to activate all features in your visuals. There is no limit on the number of visuals or reports with a single key. There are no actual named user licenses for viewers technically, it is stated by the license agreement.

Is there any other enterprise license option for Report Server, Power BI Premium, or embedded?

If your organization is using Power BI Premium, Embedded, or Report Server, you can choose tenant based licensing option on purchase page. This license brings unlimited viewer rights across your organization's tenant/server. You can visit the purchase page for details.

Is there any trial option?

All features of the visual are available for free users in edit mode for trial purposes but you will need a paid plan to offer these features to end-users.

Is there any discount offer for non-profits, education customers, or MVPs?

We offer a 50% discount for non-profits, education customers, and 100% discount for MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals). Send an email to us to receive your discount code.

What is the refund policy for the paid plan?

We offer a trial mode for you to test paid capabilities for free without any registration. If you want full refund after purchase, you can contact with support within 15 days from the payment.

What happens if my license expires?

All your visuals will continue working except for premium features. These features (e.g., animations) will suppress for end-users after the license expired. You can update the product key in visual to extend your license.

Is there any visual limitation on importing PowerPoint designs to Power BI?

No, you can export any drawing/design with any formatting including images, shapes, icons, etc. For dynamic data binding and conditional formatting, not all shape objects are supported. E.g., You cannot change the background color of a shape if it is converted to an image due to an effect (shadow, 3d rotate, glow, etc.) applied on PowerPoint but you can still apply other transformation effects such as rotation, move, show/hide to these layers.

Is there a limit on the maximum size of the design file (.SVG) that can be used?

Yes, there is a 2 MB file size limit (fairly allows hundreds of layers in a single visual) to ensure report loading time is not affected much. In the future, we will bring remote file URL support to eliminate this limitation.

Are there localized versions of the visual?

No, visual configuration UX is offered only in English but you can create multi-language visuals using the conditional formatting feature available in our visual.

Which browsers are supported?

All modern browsers are supported for general functionality, but animation features are not supported on legacy browsers, especially on Internet Explorer. We are working to support these features in future releases.

Is there email support for paid plan customers?

Yes, customers with a paid license have access to email support using their registered email. We guarantee to respond to them in 48 hours at maximum.

What happens if you find a bug in the visual?

You can contact us via support email. We will do our best to offer you a workaround solution and release a new version as soon as possible to fix your problem.

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